Casa Caldera - A behind the scenes look at our shoot in Southern Arizona

In late October I had the pleasure of traveling with good friends and fellow photographers Josh Ford and Payton Shumaker.  We went to Southern Arizona to photograph a private residence called Casa Caldera that was designed and built by Dust Design Build

It was quite an experience!  I can not share the final images or video with you just yet but I did want to give you a behind the scenes look at the week we spent off the grid just a few miles north of the Mexican border. 

To say Casa Caldera is remote just doesn't do it justice.  This is a shot of the private dirt road we traveled on for over an hour to get to the site.  As you can see the road before the dirt road was, well to be honest, it was dirt too.

This is Josh, Cade (architect), and I overlooking the mountain range where Casa Caldera hides.  By design, we literally could not see the house until we were about 40 feet from it.  

Once we finally arrived we took a moment to take in the beautiful views.  To give you an idea where we are, the US, Mexico border is on that mountain range in the distance. 

Here we are talking to Jesus Robles and Cade Hayes about the project.  The time, effort, and passion they put into their work is remarkable.  I love this picture because it captures one of the most interesting conversations I have had with clients.  These two men inspired all of us with their passion and love for their work. 

This is a  shot of us interviewing them for their video.

This is my favorite picture of Josh and I working together.  He is an amazing photographer and an absolute pleasure to work with.  Here we are setting up the dusk shots as they are fast approaching. 

Josh and I setting up the interview shot before Cade and Jesus arrived.  We eventually moved the shot outside for audio reasons. 

Speaking of audio, this is a rare picture of Payton setting up the audio for the interview.  Unfortunately this is one of the few shots of Payton because he was busy all week taking all these great behind the scenes photos. 

A real life workspace. 

After the interview we had a few adult beverages and talked shop with the guys from Dust.

  This is Jesus showing me just how committed he is to his work. 

This is a shot of us in a rare moment sitting down to eat dinner and watch a terrible movie that I will not name here. 

Attempting to fly the drone through the zaguan.  I'll just say flying these things is not easy, but Josh did get the shot we were looking for.  It takes at least two people to properly fly a drone and capture video.  One to fly and watch the monitor to make sure we get good footage and the other to scream if its about to hit something. 

After the interview we spent a little time making a couple portraits of the Dust guys. 

This is a shot of me inspecting the lighting for the living room daylight shot.  

We drank a lot of these.  This is a mesquite cold brew coffee from Exo Roast Company in Tucson, and it is probably the best iced coffee I have ever had. 

 The last day of the trip we drove back into Tuscon to get a few shots of the city and visit a few art galleries before returning to the cold Midwest.  I had no idea that Saguaro Cacti were so huge!

This is a shot from the plane as we left Tucson.  It was an amazing trip and we can't wait to share the final video and still images with you.