MindFire Communications / Architectural Photography / AJ Brown Imaging

I always say that photography is a problem solving profession.  The biggest problem I had last week while shooting at MindFire Communications' new office was deciding what not to shoot.  Every time I turned around I saw another angle that I would have loved to photograph but sadly I had a limited amount of time so I had to be very selective where I spend my energy.

Here are a couple of angles I did decide to shoot in the eye popping space designed by Conceptual Designs Inc.

Senior Transitions / Commercial Photography

   About a month ago I was asked to make some marketing images for a local business start up called Senior Transitions.   They wanted to create a combination of images that portrayed what it is like working with them and the services they offer.  

This is Lola.  She was a great model, always smiling and joking around.  Lola is quite the firecracker.  This image originally was planned to be shot in a living room setting with Lola on a recliner.  Unfortunately the recliner dwarfed Lola so we were rushed to find a new shot.  To our pleasant surprise, the sun was setting when we decided on a location and we were able to create this nice shot of her in front of these windows.

Here are a couple more samples of the final images.

If you know anyone that could benefit from marketing photos let us know.  We work with businesses of all sizes and kinds.