The Group Davenport, Iowa / Architectural Photography

Shooting local projects is always a treat for ABI for several reasons.  Of course one reason is I don't have to drive or fly for hours and hours, but the main reason is because I love documenting the renewal of the city I live in.  This building was designed by Marasco & Associates out of Denver, Co and it's the newest highlight on the ever expanding 53rd street in Davenport, Iowa.  

We battled the weather and cancelled the first shoot we had scheduled.  The weather was great most of the rescheduled day until it was time for the dusk shots.  A thunderstorm was in the forecast and we almost called it quits again but we decided to stick it out.  As you can see it really paid off.  The clouds really accent the building shape and added a dramatic effect that is rarely achieved.  

When shooting dusk shots there is a very small window when the interior lighting has the same values (brightness) as the sky and exterior lighting.  During an overcast dusk shoot the window of opportunity is dramatically shorter.  I made these two images seven minutes apart, after I shot the image above I moved too try to capture one more but the moment was over.    

The beautiful interiors were designed by Paragon Commercial Interiors and the project was built by Russell Construction 

Interior Architectural Photography / Nichols Aluminum

Nichols Aluminum is an Iowa based company that produces high quality aluminum sheet from predominately recycled materials.  The majority of their products serve the building and construction, transportation, and machinery industries.  They recently hired one of my favorite commercial interior design companies, Paragon Commercial Interiors, to totally renew the interior of their office space.  

Nichols Aluminum actually collaborated with Paragon creating several of the features in the new space.  For example, they custom fabricated the legs of the long table in their new break room, seen in the image below on the left. 

One of the most interesting features of this office is the new conference room. It features a working garage door that splits the room into two smaller conference areas.

Commercial Photography at Refractory & Insulation Supply

Refractory & Insulation Supply is the Midwest's largest supplier of refractory service and supplies.  They supply the products that refineries use to produce their steel, iron and aluminum.  AJ Brown Imaging and TAG Communications collaborated on a project to create marketing materials for this Eldrige, Iowa based company. 

It was an interesting shoot to say the least.  They were looking for shots of their products and shots of the manufacturing process.  I photographed the products on the warehouse floor.  Then TAG Communications took the images, dropped out the backgrounds and placed them on the promotional pieces you can see below.   Most of the images of the warehouse and manufacturing process will be used for their website and other marketing materials. 

Interior Architectural Photography at the new Girl Scouts of America offices

I had the recent pleasure of shooting the newly remodeled Girl Scouts office in Bettendorf, Iowa.  As you can see this is a very vibrant space with an open floor plan.  Even on a dark and gloomy day this office is bright and cheerful.  

The designers at Paragon Commercial Interiors hit this one out of the park!  I had the pleasure of listening to the client praise the designer about the space.  Not only the colors and feel of the open office, but even the minor details that she wouldn't have ever thought of.  The employees were head over heals about the small lounge type meeting rooms, the large amounts of storage, even the little seating/waiting area which is perfect for making their guests feel welcome.  She went on and on about how happy they are.  This was a true testament to how a great design will boost moral, productivity, and the overall mood of a workplace and it's workers.  

Side note: I was given a box of Thin Mints, SCORE! 

Architectural Photography at Vander Veer Botanical Park and Observatory

This 2,700 square foot garden at Vander Veer Park in Davenport, Iowa was designed to serve as a therapy resource for people with disabilities of various kinds in the Quad City area.  The site features amazing wheelchair accessible raised bed planting areas, a wheelchair accessible water fountain, and a new sound system to play music during the horticulture therapy sessions.  Handicapped individuals will be able to plant, water, maintain, and even harvest their own projects.  Users may also include military veterans, people recovering from a stroke, those experiencing grief, and there are even planters designed to be used by the visually impaired. 

Local projects like this are one of the major reasons I love being an architectural photographer.  I get to play a part of the cultural renewal of my home town.   It is exhilarating to see and aid in bringing the  community together around innovative design with an important purpose.  
This is another amazing project designed by landscape architect Sandy Doran at Shive Hattery Architects and Engineers. 
As of Tuesday October 9th the park is open to the public as well. 

Recent Interior Architectural Photography Shoots

  Over the past few weeks I have had several smaller projects I wanted to share with you.  The first one in the new Ryan Companies offices in Davenport, Iowa.  Ryan's corporate offices are in Minneapolis, MN.  They also have offices in IA, IL, FL, AZ, and CA. They are an amazing construction and design company and it was a pleasure working with them.  Congrats on the new office interior design! 

This is a new Trinity Express Medical Clinic in Bettendorf, Iowa.  They recently moved into an existing building and redesigned the entire interior with the help of the Quad Cities favorite interior design team, Paragon Commercial Interiors.  If you live in Bettendorf, now it is a pleasure to get sick and go to the doctor! 

This last shot is not really a desirealble place to be, although they do the best they can to make their patients comfortable.  This is an image of a newly updated cath lab.  The staff was great and very accomidating but I do not desire to ever go back.  Sorry guys!