The Intersection / Motorists Insurance / Columbus, OH / AJ Brown Imaging

The WSA Studio team in Columbus, Ohio strikes gold again with this project for Motorist Insurance Group.  This is actually a separate entity that is under the Motorist umbrella called NewCo.  NewCo's role within the Motorist Group is specifically to sustain their commercial insurance lines.  NewCo came to WSA Studio with very specific needs and requirements that I won't get into in this post. 

Motorist Insurance Corporate

What I do want to get into briefly is the presence of  people in architectural photography.  I have mentioned this before in passing but it seems to be a more frequent request in the last few years.   These spaces and buildings are designed for people so it is important to show people using the space.  It gives scale to the images,  displays the functionality of the spaces, adds life to the project, to name a few reasons.  The photos I make are meant to tell the story of the projects not just show what they look like.  The best way to bring the story to light is to include people using the space in it's various forms.

Motorist Insurance Columbus, OH

It's a lot more work to have people in your photography but it's well worth it.  There is more planning involved during the scheduling phase, and it's more complicated lighting a space when people are present.  Throughout the course of a full day shoot with people we complete a fewer number of photos, but the quality of the images is much greater.

Motorist Insurance Corporate

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