The Forge in Des Moines, Iowa

The Forge is part of a technology company called Pillar based out of Columbus Ohio.  Pillar is growing exponentially and has opened several new locations over the last few years.  This is their 4th location and first one in Des Moines, Iowa. 

The design firm WSA Studio (also out of Columbus) reached out to me to photograph this project.  After several weeks of planning my assistant and I made the short trip to Des Moines.  Upon arriving I knew we were in for a long day.  All projects have problems to be solved and this one was no different.  Lucky for us this specific problem was that we only had one day to photograph the space and we were seeing way to many angles that needed to be captured.  Through the process of elimination we selected 7 shots that would tell the story of this project the best and went to work. 


Above is a behind the scenes look at us creating one of my favorite shots of the set.  One of the most challenging aspects of lighting a wide shot of a space is finding places to hide my supplemental lighting.  If you look hard you should be able to see one of the lights tucked between a glass wall and a pillar.  

Here is the final image. 


I want to take the time to give an official shout out to my assistant Payton.  We have been working together for over a year now and I have to say that his work is invaluable to me.  We ended up finishing this shoot a little early so we decided to make one more image with a twist.  The twist, Payton and I switched roles.  I became his assistant for the image below.  Payton composed this shot and we collaborated on the lighting.  The imaged turned out great and quickly became one of my favorites of the set.  Well done buddy, and thanks for not making me get you coffee.