The Quad City International Airport

I've always thought this airport was one of the architectural icons of the Quad Cities.  Every time I travel to and from the Quad City Airport I find myself wondering why it was never photographed and hoping that someday I would get the chance.  Well, I am happy to say that I finally got that chance! 

This was an interesting project for me for several reasons.  One being that the Quad City International Airport expansion was completed in 2001.  Typically when I photograph a building or space it has just recently finished construction.  So why am I shooting this project 15 years after completion?  Simply put, it has never been professionally photographed and the Airport needed some high quality images for their marketing efforts.

This 18 million dollar terminal expansion was designed by Gere Dismer Architects (now Studio 483) and it is as beautiful as it was in 2001.So all you local Quad City folks like me, be on the lookout for these images to start popping up around the QC Area!