Hamilton Elementary School / Moline, IL / Architectural Photography

A couple weeks ago I photographed the brand new Hamilton Elementary School in Moline, IL.  I have to say this shoot was unlike any I have done in the past.  I was honestly a little intimidated coming into it.  Shooting a space like this takes a lot of concentration and problem solving to get the compositions and lighting just the way I like it.  

During the pre-planning of this shoot Legat Architects and I decided that because of the size of the school the story of this project needed to be told with a lot of students rather than just a few here and there amongst empty halls.  

After all of the planning and coordinating with parents was done we had about 20+ children that I needed to incorporate into all of the shots.  They were all excited to help us out and have their modeling debut.  I am glad to say it went great, the kids were fantastic and took direction very well.  I think we all ended up having a fun time.

Legat Architects, Russell Construction, The Moline School District, and myself want to thank all the students, parents, and teachers that were willing to make this shoot successful.