Let your eyes do the leading.

I was recently looking through my many hard drives for images of nature that I had taken over the years and something funny happened.  I would open and dig through the folders named "Starved Rock State Park 2013" or "7 Falls Santa Barbara 2008" only to find that most of the subjects of the images were not nature!  Like this image below I found from last year when I visited Starved Rock State Park.  Starved Rock is a beautiful park in Illinois with natural occurring waterfalls, cliffs overlooking the Illinois River, and bald eagles everywhere you look.  But I found myself hanging around the visitor center all afternoon making pictures of the way the shadows were changing on the staircase going into the building.  

This image below was found in a folder called "tall wildflowers in Iowa" I was using my Mamiya RB67 film camera, with flowers and beautiful tall grass all around me I found myself looking up at this power line trying to capture the straightest leading lines possible.

Here I found myself walking along the Mississippi River only to stop and spend most of my time shooting the I74 bridge instead of one of the biggest and most beautiful rivers anyone in the United States will ever see.

The image below was an accident as well.  There was fresh a snow on the ground and I the bright idea to go out and shoot the geese and ducks along the rivers edge in the snow.  But of course that was destined to fail when this beautiful art museum is looming over the park taunting and laughing at me for wanting to photograph ducks.

I am always learning new things about myself through this medium.  I don't know what the point of all this is.  I guess that's the funny thing about photography.  Sometimes you can have a clear idea of what you want in your mind but in the end you have to let your eyes do the leading.