Architectural Photography / HON Corporate Headquarters Muscatine, IA

   This is a Factory building at the HON Corporate Headquarters in Muscatine, Iowa.  For some reason this image right now is one of my favorite images I have ever made.  I know its not the most spectacular looking building, but what it is a highly functional and resourceful space with simple design made beautiful.  The reason I love this photo so much is because it seems like an efficient photograph.  Personally,  I really love and appreciate efficiency (sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes not ;).  This to me is a visual representation of efficiency.  I love the light, shadows, and contrast between the two.  I love the vertical and horizontal lines and the blurring of life as it passes by.

  It's my job to care about a photograph this much, but you…you don't need to worry about any of this.   Thanks for reading.