I have a decent camera, I'll just take the pictures myself.

I often hear comments like this:  
"Wow that's a nice camera, I bet it takes great pictures!" 
"How could you take a bad picture with a camera like that?"
How hard could it be?  You just push a button!"

I could go on and on but I'll stop there.  I had some rare extra time today so I decided to do a quick project in my kitchen.  I want to show you the value in hiring a well trained and experienced professional photographer, as opposed to shooting yourself or hiring the cheapest guy in town.  Now, my kitchen isn't the most spectacular place in the world, but even here you can see the difference when photographed correctly. 

Both of these images were shot on the same camera with the same lens.  
Camera - Canon 5D Mark II - 21.1 mega pixels - $1,500
Lens - Canon 24mm Tilt Shift $2,199

Below is the raw image straight out of the camera with no editing or correcting

Below is the professionally lit, corrected, and styled image

   So the final question is, what is your hard work and time worth to you?  I know you put your heart and soul into your projects, often working on them for the better part of a year or even more.  Don't you think they are worth spending a few extra bucks to make them look the best they possibly can in your proposals and marketing materials?  Stop selling your work short by shooting it yourself or hiring the cheapest guy in town with a nice camera.  Your project is worth much more than that and I want to team up with you so your potential clients can see how much you care and value your work.