Corporate Headshots / AJ Brown Imaging

Most people don't know that I often get hired to take corporate headshots in addition to my typical architectural photography work.  I don't spend much time seeking out this kind of work, in fact most if the corporate headshots that I do are for my existing clients in the design build industry.  Since the majority of my architectural work tends to be in the Midwest I end up shooting corporate headshots and interiors a lot through the winter months while my clients and I wait for the weather to shape up.  I have a portable studio that I set up in a conference room so my client doesn't have to bother with the hassle of scheduling their employees day around a long trip to an off site studio.  They love this because it only requires a few minutes of each individuals day.  I get all set up and ready to shoot before we start calling people in to be photographed.  They come in, I take their portrait, and they leave all in a few minutes so they can get back to working on their bigger more important jobs.     

My favorites are almost always the shots on a simple white background.  They look crisp and professional and there is nothing distracting the viewers eye away from the subject.   Above are a few that I made this winter for various clients. 

As I mentioned before, during the winter months I shoot a lot of interior only projects as well.  The image below was made a few months ago.  This is the new Chicago office of an international tech company located right on Michigan Ave.