Architectural Photography at the Cedar Rapids Convention Center / Volkan Alkanoglu

I was contacted last week by a brilliant architect/artist named Volkan Alkanoglu.  He was commissioned for an installation art piece that was to be placed in the main atrium of the brand new Cedar Rapids Convention Center that opened this week.  The artwork was designed as a contrast to the architecture of the building to introduce a visual focus point in the space.  I would have to say he succeeded in that vision as you can not help but crazy glue your eye to the piece as you spend time in the atrium.   There is some sort of magnetic field attracting your eye to the art Volkan named Distortion.    

The sculpture was constructed out of flat tessellated sheets of aluminum.  Distortion is a piece of endless variations as the day goes on from morning, afternoon and night.  As the sun scrapes across this art it becomes a living thing sending constantly changing colorful light refractions against the wall.  You really need to experience Distortion in person to fully understand its capabilities. 

Distortion was installed by a team of professional artwork installers called Demiurge.  Demiurge made a time-lapse of the installation process seen below. 

This type of project gets me super jazzed about what I do for a living!