Real Estate Photography

We spent a few days last month shooting this gorgeous home.  A great deal of planning goes into shoots like these because of the amount of rooms that need to be photographed all at very specific times throughout the day.  Weeks before the shoot we spent a day scouting the location, paying close attention to the timing of when the position of the sun is perfect in order to get the desired effect in each room of the house. 

After we decide exactly when the perfect time is to shoot a space in the home we develop supplemental lighting diagrams to bring artificial light into specific portions of the space.  There is a very fine balance between natural light and artificial light.  It is easy and often common to over light a space making it look extremely fake and unnatural.  The challenging goal for an architectural photographer in these situations is to light a room so well that to the untrained eye it looks entirely natural while in all actuality it looks much better than it can if left unlit by artificial light.  

A big thanks to my fantastic assistant Kurt!  He did an amazing job. His presence and hard work was my most valuable asset.  I mean look at this guy!  managing lights, picking up unwanted objects from the scene, and holding my coffee all at the same time!  Bravo Kurt, Bravo!