Architectural Photography at Illinois State University - Cardinal Court

Every project has its own unique hurdles to jump over. This is Illinois State University's Cardinal Court, their newest housing development for current students.  We had a short window of opportunity to shoot this project.  We had to shoot before the students moved because, well you can just imagine what the place would look like shortly after 894 college students took over.  We wanted to be there shooting right when all the construction was completed.  It came down to a one day window as the students were moving in the next day.  The landscape developers were still planting trees, shrubs, and watering the sod when I arrived to shoot the project,  it was obvious what my hurdle would be this time.  

At first this is a tiny bit frustrating, but no matter what the hurdle is it always results in exercising creativity muscles forcing me to look for new perspectives and ways to present a space or structure.  For example,  I really love the image at the top of the page.  The unique crop and height of the camera angle makes this image compelling.  I would have normally shown the ground and landscaping in an image like this, but the trees were freshly planted, the grass was dying from this years heat/drought, and the sprinklers were on in attempts to bring the grass back to life.  This resulted in me composing a unique perspective on the building. 

It looks like a great place to live!  The students should be very excited.

Project landscape designed by: Shive Hattery Architects and Engineers
Construction by: Weis Builders