Film is Dead?

Some say film is dead.  These people have no idea what they are talking about and we shouldn't listen to their nonsense.  There is a very vibrant and alive community of photographers shooting on film for their personal work and even some for their commissioned commercial work. You can now purchase my fine art film prints through my website where you will find a gallery of images all shot and developed on black and white film using something called The Zone System.  The Zone System is a style of capturing and processing film, developed by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer in 1940 in attempts to get the optimum film exposure and development out of a specific film.  Resulting in rich dark blacks and bright brilliant whites.

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Its time to dig out your old 35mm film camera, by a roll of TMAX 100 Black and White film, and start shooting.  You will love the look at feel of film.  The experience shooting is slower, more methodical, and the end result is totally different that your digital camera for more reasons than I can explain.