Architectural Photography / Geneseo Public Library

All buildings have a story, when I shoot a project I always ask questions about the project to find an interesting story about the building.  It helps me connect with the project designer's vision and it also helps me portray the building in a way that shows off the story and details behind the work.  This week I have asked Claire Crawford to be my guest blogger.  She is the librarian at the Geneseo Public Library.  She is extremely excited about the new building.  While asking her about the project she had gobs and gobs of stories and information.  She was overflowing with excitement and love for the new space, so I asked her if she wanted to contribute to the blog post featuring the new Geneseo Public Library designed by STR Partners, interior design by Paragon Commercial Interiors.  Here is what she had to say.  
    The Geneseo Public Library District wanted to reflect a feeling of peace and tranquility when you opened the doors to the library.  We have soft muted colors of beige, tan, and a celery green.  We have combined a unique combination of upholstering our old wooden chairs in a compatible teel blue that blends with all our soft colors.  The spines of books have different colors.  Our new carpeting was selected to picture spines of books on the floor.  We selected the carpeting to tie in all of the soft colors while portraying a unique pattern design.  It is an elegant carpet that was selected because of the individual squares in the design.  If ink spills on one square of carpeting we don’t have to recarpet the entire area---just replace one square of carpeting. 

   The Geneseo Public Library District is unique because our goal was to become the most energy efficicient building in Geneseo, Illinois.  We are 98% energy efficient.  We have also used recycled milk cartons to build the stalls in the restroom.  You cannot write on our bathroom stalls.  It is a waxy surface and nothing will stick to it.

   My favorite part of the library is the huge arch you see as you are entering the library.  The original library in the 1800’s had this same arch.  We reconstructed it to preserve our library history.  We also used the gorgeous unique wrought iron shelving.  It had to be disassembled piece by piece from the basement of our second library and put on a huge truck.  It was reconstructed piece by piece in the new library.  We saved many historic books and community history documents.  The history of Geneseo preserved on those wrought iron shelves is stunning. 

   The library has a remarkable huge window on the North side of the building.  It takes up most of the wall.  This window lets the light in but not the heat.  It is lovely to read at our beautiful oak tables from the old library (our first) and enjoy all the light that the new library provides.  The exterior of the building makes a tribute to rural Geneseo.  We have many lovely farms and are very supportive of agriculture.  We selected a rural color similar to a barn with the sophistication of a gorgeous huge arch that designates a tribute to the old library and the wonderful history of the l800’s.  For more information on the Geneseo Public Library District please check out our web-page.

Thank you, Claire Crawford