Architectural Photography / True North - Cedar Rapids Library

Cedar Rapids, Iowa suffered a historic flood in 2008.  There were 5,238 houses damaged, 940 businesses damaged,  and 1,300 city blocks effected.  The entire downtown was underwater including the Cedar Rapids Public Library making news all over the nation.  Fast forward 4 years. AJ Brown Imaging was hired to shoot the newly renovated building where the library used to sit.  It is now occupied by True North an Insurance and Financial Strategies company.  Oddly enough the new library just happens to be under construction at the former site of True North's headquarters.   The cost of the facelift exceeded 10 million dollars and it is definitely a beautiful site built by Point Builders of Cedar Rapids. 

True North has an extensive gallery of photos spanning from the begining of construction all the way up to the public open house when they opened the doors for community tours. Take a look