Architectural Photography / Muscatine Armed Forces Reserve Center

I had the opportunity to shoot the new Armed Forces Reserve Center in Muscatine, Iowa a few weeks ago, and I am really happy how the final images turned out.  We had a unique sunset with absolutely zero clouds in the sky.  I also had the privilege of giving orders to a US Army Staff Sergeant as he turned out to be my assistant for the day.  It was a sight to see, this civilian directing Staff Sargeant Aaron to run from room to room trying to keep all the motion sensitive lights on long enough to capture this dusk shot.   He was a good sport and was glad to help.  Thanks a lot Staff Sargeant Aaron, I couldn't have done it without you!

We had a great day.  Shoots are always a blast when there is a boom lift to play with, chinese food with a veteran for lunch,  and a civilian giving orders to the enlisted!