Architectural Photography / Putnam Museum / Davenport Early Child Development Center

This new school at the Putnam Museum makes me want to be a kid again.  It comes complete with everything from a nursery to take short cat naps in, Tricycles for cruising around,  playgrounds out back overlooking the Mighty Mississippi, even an extremely large Tinker Toy light fixture (which is quite a sight to see being a seasoned Tinker Toy builder in my early years).

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Not to mention it is in a very beautiful building with a museum and an IMAX Theater inside. 
These kids are never going to want to leave when 3:15 rolls around! (or whenever schools get out these days)

Anyway I had a great time shooting the place.  The teachers/staff were very accommodating when I had to kick them out of their rooms so I could take the pictures. Thanks a lot everyone! 

Also, I wanted to take the time to say congrats to my client Shive-Hattery! Recently ranking #25 on the Building Design + Construction Engineering / Architecture Firms Giants 300 List.
Way do go!  Its a pleasure to work with such a prestigious firm and I am glad you are really liking my work!