Architectural Photography / Modern Woodman Park / QC River Bandits

This shoot was a long time coming. I was hired to photograph the new landscaping around the park about 3 weeks ago.  I met with the landscape architect one morning to scout 3 different projects.  The first 2 went great and I started shooting them that same day.  I visited this location 3 more times before I was even able to pull out my camera.  Every visit I made there were millions and millions of may flies crunching under my feet as I walked around trying to select angles.  I was a little confused because they are called May flies and it is August.  I guess because of all this warm/humid weather in the midwest this year they hung around.  They finally cleared out and I was able to shoot last week.  I am somewhat disappointed in the sunset the night I shot but at least there weren't millions of flies to retouch out. 

The new landscaping is really interesting and features a regulation size baseball diamond on the sidewalk/street in front of the park.  You can see home plate, the first base line,  and pitchers mound in the image above. 

I wanted to mention the new parking lot as well.  Even though parking lots never make the most glorious images, I did my best and am somewhat satisfied with the image thanks to the clouds, the bridge, and my digital weed pulling.  

Enjoy the new landscaping and parking lot my fellow River Bandits fans!