Architectural Photography / Bettendorf Waterfront Convention Center

   Downtown Bettendorf, Iowa is going through some major positive changes.  The city has been collaborating with local architects, landscape architects, and community developers to give the downtown area a brand new identity (a pretty big task if you ask me).  So far it has been a major success starting with the Isle of Capri Casino/Hotel and moving to commercial shopping centers, convention centers, and even a skywalk connecting them.  The few days I was shooting the area there was a large quilting convention.  Now, I am not up on my quilting trends but the place was booming with quilting fanatics, all of them wearing little pink hats.  I captured some of their taillight streaks (shown in the 2nd image) as many of them left the parking lot.  So thanks a lot ladies, your tail lights were just what I needed to ad some action to the scene. 
   The most recent change to take place was updating State St. with new landscaping, sidewalks, crosswalks, planters, flowers, benches, and LED street lights.   As proof of the projects success, I was meeting with one of the community developers, he informed me a poll was taken and the people of bettendorf already feel 30% safer just because of the LED lights alone.   
   The landscape architect and I were talking about how exciting it is to be closely involved in what is shaping the local communities.

I am really looking forward to shooting phase 2 and 3 of this project.  We are tossing around the idea of using boom lift to capture the next phase from above.  That should be fun (and sort of dangerous) Stay tuned in for those images.