My internship really pays off! Not so much financially but I am learning an enormous amount about the industry and getting some great real world experience. I am so grateful for it. Sometimes my boss gives me stuff that he says is "junk". He has given me many things, but today out of the blue, I was helping my Wife clean her car and I found a box that he had asked me to take to salvation army about 4 months ago. I decide to take the box to my truck so I can finally make the drop off but not without rummaging through it first. I found an old Holga camera. I was shocked. I loaded some 120mm film and went to town. Such a great day. It is perfect timing also because I just learned how to process my own film in the darkroom about 3 days ago.

for those that don't know what a holga is all about let me shed a little light. (wow cheesy light joke)

The box camera was initally created to start popularity for photography. Photography was still a very new idea in the mid 1800s and a product needed to be created to persuade the public of the potential for this new art. The box camera became the first consumer camera at the end of the 19th century.

Ok cool so history is what it is, but the images these cameras create are what I care about.
some dude on the internet said this about the images
"Sometimes it takes a plain-jane shot to appreciate the Holga images true majesty: dreamlike, somewhat soft, vignetted at the corners, overflowing with color, and absolutely bursting at the seams with personality. It's easy to see why this plastic machine is so fiercely addictive."