I made a decent size purchase today at Sammys Camera. I bought something that is hard to explain..... it is basically an arm that I mount my camera to with a clamp on the other side.  So I tightened the clamp to my bike and went for a ride to test it out.  
   I wanted to mount the camera in a position where the handle bars would be in the shot (this sounds easier than it is).  I ended up clamping on to the bar below my bike seat so the arm would come up in between my legs and rest the camera at about my belly button level.
Shot at
1/200 @ f/10  iso 100 
I shot it at 1/200 because I didn't want very much blur, if any at all.  Next time i will slow the shutter down and see what that looks like.

dang it.  I am having problems uploading the video onto the site.  I will post it soon.

here are some random pics i have been working on lately instead.